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Hydro: pumps, Motors, valves, Power packs, transmission, Winches, Cylinder - Your partner for hydraulic drive technology, mobile-and industry-hydraulic


We can offer you the complete range of hydraulic components for your application of:

  • A like Axial piston pump or Accessories about
  • G like Gear pump or Geroller / Gerotor motors.
  • R like Repair or Radial piston pump till
  • W like Winches


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We choose the suitable products for your application and offer you complete solutions for the whole machine with a hydraulic scheme and parts list on VISIO - technology and complete drawing with the drawing programm SOLIDWORKS.


Our service department carries out repairs of piston pumps and – motors of quite a lot manufacturers. Our Diesel-testbench with a capacity of 250 KW gives the possibility to test piston pumps up to 750 cm³. Test benchs and a trained staff in both locations guarantee short repair times.


Our extensive stock offers you short delivery times from standard components like : Axial piston pumps and motors, compact – Mini / Micro – power packs, gear pumps and motors, mobile valves in monoblock - or sectional version, cooler, In-Line mounted valves and power pack accessories like tanks, filters and butterfly flanges and compensators.

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  • Hydraulische Antriebstechnik - HK HYDRAULIK-KONTOR GmbH
  • Hydraulische Antriebstechnik - HK HYDRAULIK-KONTOR GmbH
  • Hydraulische Antriebstechnik - HK HYDRAULIK-KONTOR GmbH


Hydro:Pumpen Motoren Ventile Zylinder Anlagen Winden Getriebe


Hydro:Pumps, motors, power packs, Valves, winches, gear boxes


Гидро: насосы моторы клапаны цилиндры агрегаты лебедки

Ihr Partner für hydraulische Antriebstechnik, Mobil- und Industriehydraulik
Your partner for hydraulic drive technology , mobile and industrial hydraulics
Ваш партнер по технологии гидравлического привода , мобильной и промышленной гидравлики

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