Our service / repair departments

We repair many hydraulic components of different manufacturers or supply spare parts for example :

Axial piston pumps and motors

Vane pumps and motors radial piston motors

Test bench and trained staff in both locations allows short-term repairs. Our service department carries out repairs of piston pumps and motors of many manufacturers. The recording of the test data is desired by means of electronic documentation.

Replacement service

  • Bosch Rexroth axial piston pumps: as seal kits, rotating groups, valves plates, bearings , controls, cylinders for example A4VG, A10VG, A4V, A10V, A2FO, KVA, A8VO, A17VO, A11VO
  • Bosch Rexroth axial piston motor spare parts like seal kits, rotating groups, valves plates, bearings, controls, cylinders for example A2F, A2FM, A6VM. A6VE, KFA2FM
  • Bosch Rexroth mobile control blocks as seal kits, hand lever, coil, joysticks for example M4, SB, TH, THE
    • units series HYDROKRAFT PVP: pumps, cooler, seals
    • Hydrokraft axial piston pumps series : PV , PVX, TV, TVX
    • Staffa / Kawasaki radial piston motors as series HMB / HMC / M2X
    • Eaton / Vickers vane pumps: Cartridge / seal kits : V VQ V2020, V10
    • TWG Pullmaster / dp winch / Lantec planetary gear winches
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  • Hydraulische Antriebstechnik - HK HYDRAULIK-KONTOR GmbH
  • Hydraulische Antriebstechnik - HK HYDRAULIK-KONTOR GmbH
  • Hydraulische Antriebstechnik - HK HYDRAULIK-KONTOR GmbH


Hydro:Pumpen Motoren Ventile Zylinder Anlagen Winden Getriebe


Hydro:Pumps, motors, power packs, Valves, winches, gear boxes


Гидро: насосы моторы клапаны цилиндры агрегаты лебедки

Ihr Partner für hydraulische Antriebstechnik, Mobil- und Industriehydraulik
Your partner for hydraulic drive technology , mobile and industrial hydraulics
Ваш партнер по технологии гидравлического привода , мобильной и промышленной гидравлики

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